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Friday, 18 December 2015


Make money and improve website SEO with Infolinks :

  • We are back with the big brand this time. Yeah as the title suggests it is Infolinks. Recently Article related to Review of Infolinks was published on BloggingCage. Author or BloggingCage posted on his Social Media and I saw that some of them commented that Infolinks harms your website in-terms of SEO and Adsense aspects.


  • Search engine optimization is such a most-important thing for every site. As many of ad networks affect SEO of the site where they are integrated, so it hard to believe any ad network that they will not affect your site’s SEO. Having Infolinks ads on your website will not interfere with your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts. Infolinks ads load after your website has completed loading and therefore do not interfere with the website’s load time or SEO. You can check your website with Pingdom Speed test tools.

  • It is called Asynchronous JavaScript loading in your browser. Using asynchronous scripts means that your page can render more quickly. Instead of forcing users to wait for a script to finish downloading before the page renders, a script can be downloaded in the background.

Want Proof? Then See on Google Page Speed Insight:

  •  However, if you already have a lot of ads on your site and then you slap infolinks on top of them your site might lose some "quality" points with google.
  •  Will Infolinks pissoff your visitors? I think that depends upon the types of visitors you are attracting. If your site caters to erudite visitors who you hope will return again and again then infolinks or even Adsense will really offend them. Even on Youtube everyone waits for 5 seconds to Skip ads. So Infolink wont really pissoff your visitors. However, if your site appeals to JoeSixPack who visits one time and maybe never again… then you might be able to put them on without any visitor impact.

Have you Tried InfoLinks + Adsense Flavour?

  • Main aim of anyone behind establishment of website is to earn more and more bucks. You can also earn more by having Infolinks and Adsense on the same page. Also Infolinks have various Ads format, thus you won't feel that your site looks creepy with one format of ads.


Why Infolink is best?

  • Infolinks dont harm your website but it helps you to earn more than normally you earn. Also Infolinks has different ad formats including InFrame, InSearch, InTag and InText. No extra space required to show InfoLinks ads on our website. You can use their ads on your website along with other popular advertising networks like Google Adsense and Chitika etc. 
  •  Their ads can be customized very easily. You can use their ads on your website along with other popular advertising networks like Google Adsense and Chitika etc. You don’t need to have a high traffic website to join them. Thus, For whom you are waiting…… All you will need is adding a java script code on your website and you are in. So join now.

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